When you lose a loved one, even your closest animal friend, it can mean a lot to ensure that you are able to retain some special part of them. This is why people take part in pet cremation. Pet cremation is a means of forever retaining the remains of your beloved family pet in the form of an urn full of their ashes. This urn can be presented at a pet memorial service for their death with your family wherein a eulogy is delivered in honor of the pet cremation.

When a loved one, including your family pet passes a eulogy is given. A eulogy definition includes classic and modern methods used to lament the death of a loved one, but there two distinct styles used in history.Historically, the eulogy definition was a speech given which praised a person or a thing, particularly associated with someone who was retired or recently deceased. Now, the eulogies are given in conjunction with funeral service.The word “eulogy” is associated with Greek origins meaning “good words”. Historically, eulogies were a subsidiary of elegies. An elegy is a poem delivered at a funeral. These poems originate from Greek poetry and contain two lines, or a couplet, to create the poem.

On special occasions such as birthdays, the eulogy definition can be associated with living persons.

The people delivering eulogies most often are family members or close friends of the deceased.When a living eulogy is delivered for retirement parties or the like, they are generally given by senior colleagues. However, with a beloved animal, it is often best to help the family through the grieving process by allowing a member of the family to deliver a small speech following the pet cremation. It is a small way of honoring the death of the beloved family pet.