Is a casket required for cremationIs a casket required for cremation? The answer to this question depends on your choice of service.  If you choose to have a memorial service and visitation you will need to have the body in a casket. If you choose direct cremation where the body goes directly from the place of death to the crematorium, you won’t need to have a casket, just a container for the body and an urn for the ashes.

The only thing required for a cremation is that the body be contained in something so that the staff does not have to handle the body. While a casket is not required for cremation, most states do require that the body be in a combustible cremation container that is able to be closed and one that does not leak.   Even a cardboard box is acceptable in this case.

There are a wide variety of variety of cremation caskets and containers that are available to choose from and you are not obligated to purchase these items from the funeral home.  Make the right choice for you and your family so that the body is handled in a respectful manner and the process goes smoothly.

Your funeral service should be able to help you and not try to force their products on you.  They should provide you with all of the options and let you make the appropriate choice.