Deciding whether or not a funeral is a good choice to honor your family member  is strictly a personal decision.   There are many factors to take into consideration including the wishes of the deceased person and the traditions and religious customs of your family.

Funerals and Memorial Services serve many purposes. The memorial service allows family and friends to come together and support each other in the grieving process. Funerals give loved ones an opportunity to memorialize the person and come to grips with the reality of their death.  Many people consider the memorial service to be a celebration of the life of the deceased.  Finally, the Memorial Service or funeral is a chance for friends and family to console the immediate family and show their love and remembrances of the departed person.

The opportunity to express love, thanks and honor for the departed person at a funeral service can be an important part of the grieving process.

Some may decide that a funeral service is not an appropriate way to memorialize their loved one. There are no rights or wrongs when it comes to these decisions; however, in most cultures some type of final ritual is commonplace. Why?  Because rituals are what bond us as humans and allow us to support each other under one commonality, which helps in our struggle to come to grips with the final departure of a loved one.  Our professionals will help with either decision you choose.