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Cremation Growth Trends

Cremation Growth Trends Cremation is being chosen for one (1) out of every four (4) deaths occurring today. The most accurate and current figures on cremation rates are collected by the Cremation Association of North

Cremation Urn The Cremation Process

About Cremation Home » About Cremation » The Cremation Process A Cremation UrnThe Cremation Process When a death occurs and cremation has been chosen, the cremation provider is called by a family member, caregiver, minister,

Why Choose Cremation ?

Why Choose Cremation ? Cremation is gaining widespread popularity for several unique reasons: Simplicity & Dignity. More Control for the Family More Family and Church Involvement in Services and Ceremonies Environmentally Sound Immediate Return to

Little legal 2

Cremation : Legal Questions and Answers Home » Legal Issues » Legal Questions and Answers Q: What happens if I want to be cremated when I die, but a family member is opposed to this

Planning the Steps

Cremation : Legal Steps Home » Legal Steps Pre Purchase your arrangements and file the contract with your will. If cremation is chosen, sign an Authorization for Cremation form and file a copy with your

Church Planning for Cremation

Church Planning for Cremation Home » Church Planning With the increasing mobility of our society and lack of space in our increasingly urbanized communities, families do not have the options of church memorialization that were

Candles and Lanterns
Christian Sympathy Gifts
Garden Accents and Plaques / Markers
Garden Benches
Garden Memorial Stones
Jewelry and Cremation Jewelry
Keepsake Boxes / Music Memory Boxes
Personalized Sympathy Gifts
Wind Chimes

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