Concerns and Considerations
Religious and Spiritual Concerns
Religious and Spiritual issues can be a concern for some people. Cremation is accepted among almost all religions. Reform Judaism accepts cremation, but Orthodox and Conservative Judaism are opposed. If you are uncertain whether cremation is compatible with your religious faith, a discussion with a member of the clergy or other religious authority is recommended. Different cultures and religions have differing practices and restrictions regarding ceremonies and the disposition of cremated remains. Your cremation provider is careful to honor these practices.

Financial and Practical Considerations
Cremation is usually much more economical than a body burial. A traditional burial can cost about twice as much as a cremation with similar ceremonies. However, burial costs can vary widely.

In addition to cost, you must consider today’s mobile society. Family members are no longer buried in a nearby cemetery which is visited frequently by relatives. Many old cemeteries have fallen into disuse and disrepair because families are not nearby. Even the choice of a “perpetual or endowed care” cemetery is questionable when there are no relatives likely to visit.

Environmental Considerations
Cremation saves land for the living and offers an immediate return to nature. Some choose cremation because they believe that body burial uses precious natural resources in order to preserve the remains in the ground.

Personal Preferences
Some people are very uncomfortable with the full service funeral and body burial. Others are equally uncomfortable with the idea of cremation without any accompanying services. Part of the feeling comes from the tradition in which people have been raised. Many families are now establishing their own traditions. If discussing the topic of death and the alternative methods available is difficult for you or your family, Your cremation provider can provide a staff member to meet with you. Sometimes discussions are less “emotionally bound” and made easier if an impartial party is present.

Memorial Options
Families need to decide if the cremated remains are going to be divided (such as among the decedent’s loved ones, or for placement in different locations).

Placement and memorials can be at a cemetery (regular grave or a cremation grave), in a columbarium niche located at a church, cemetery, university, or Arlington National Cemetery (if a veteran), or at home. The crem